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In this moment, I want to try to make an English posting haha... FYI, my English is poor. So, I will improve my English by write some English posting in this blog.

Why I want to improve my English? I want to study or work abroad. Yeah..
EEP's Lobby

To improve my English, I take an English course in EEP Bandung in Conversation class level 2. It need three months to finish this class. In the first day in my English class, I have two surprising moment. The first moment is my class mate in my campus become my class mate in this English class.. haha.. I don’t know it before. The second moment, my class mate in the English class have same name with me: Gilang Ramadhan. I am so bored because I always have class mates that have same name with me....
My English Teacher

My English teacher is very professional. His name is Yasser. He is an American, but he born as an Indonesian. In the first day in the class, I think, I am in a listening class because the teacher speak too much and we just listen to him. Fortunately, in the next day, he give us the chance to speak.

My Class is very dynamic. Yesterday, we learned english in Computer Laboratory to search information about the topic that we learned.
EEP's Computer Laboratory

I hope I can speak english better and can study abroad :D

Note : Sorry for bad sentences

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