First Day in the 5th Semester

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Today is my first day in 5th Semester STI (Information System and Technology) ITB. I start my day in 6 AM to go to my campus. While I through Rajawali Street, the traffic is very crowded. Fortunately, I can pass the railroad before the train pass. If I cannot pass the railroad before the train pass, I will definitely be late.

I arrived in campus at 7 AM. My first lecture is Analysis Enterprise Requirement. In this lecture I will learn about Business Analysis of an enterprise. The Business Analysis must have relationship with Information Technology that is used by Enterprise. My Lecturer, Mr.Endro, explain to us about Software Development Life Cycle. He says that we must realy understand about the meaning of life cycle like life cycle in creature. This comprehension can be useful to analyst software development.

My Second Lecture is Multimedia System. I think this lecture is very interesting because we learn all about multimedia, such as Text, Picture, Audio, and Video. My Lecturer, Mr. Yusep, give as an assignment to search 5 ideas that we will make for final assignment. In My Final Assignment, we must make an application, animation or all about multimedia that use mobile platform.

My Last lecture for today is networking. This Lecture also interesting, because I can learn all about networking. FYI, I interested in networking. In this lecture we must do two big task: Implementing Deep Packet Inspection, and Make an OTT application or QoS management or Security management (we must choose one of the three choice).

3 of 8 lecture for this semester :3

That’s all for today. I hope tomorrow can be better than today :D  

# Sorry for my bad english
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