My Father like JKT48, Really?

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Every morning, my father often play music on Youtube. Ordinarily, my father play old song like the beatles, or sundanese music. But this morning, i heard something different. He play Rockie Boom who play JKT48's Song. Wow.

I can conclude that my father like song of JKT48, not the performance of JKT48. The song of JKT48 is awesome, because I think it has good meaning, not only about love, but also about spirit in the life. You can read my reason that like JKT48 in this posting.

Rockie Boom play the song of JKT48 with different way. They use guitar acoustic. I think this is the reason why my father like JKT48's song. This is some performance of Rockie Boom when playing JKT48's song :

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