Let's PLAY with Akdong Musician

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 The first impression when i saw Akdong Musician is, they have beautiful voice with natural look. Yes, Natural Look. Maybe many people say that they are ugly (if they compare with the other korean kpop stars). But in my opinion, they are very cute and have very good voice.

So, Who is Akdong Musician?
Akdong Musician is a new rising kpop stars. Akdong Musician have 2 member,  there are Lee Chan-hyuk (Korean: 이찬혁) and Lee Soo-hyun (Korean: 이수현). They won KpopStars2 that is a korean talent show to find the next korean stars. They are very young. Lee Chan-hyu born in 1996 and Lee Soo-hyun born in 1999. Chan-hyu and Soo-hyun is a sibling.

 And Here is the song of Akdong Musician:
1. 200 %

 2. Give Love

3. Melted

Beside that, there are the other song that also have good quality.
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