Teleconference Course: Computer and Network Security

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At this last Semester in Information System and Technology Undergraduate program, i took an graduate lecture in Electrical Engineering Program which still in the same faculty. Why? Because I was joining fast track program in Electrical Engineering graduate program, specifically Information Security.

This semester I took Computer and Network Security lecture . Basically, Most of Information Security graduate program lectures held in Cyber Security Building Jatinangor (FYI, ITB has 2 campus location: Ganesha and Jatinangor). Because all of undergraduate program held in Ganesha Campus, it's not possible for me to attend class in Jatinangor Campus. Fortunately, STEI, my faculty, have a good solution. For all undergraduate students who took class in Jatinangor, can still attend the class without having to go to Jatinangor. The class also held in Ganesha with Teleconference.

I think, it was very strange because the lecturer was not directly attend the class. Nevertheless, we can see the lecturer in the screen along with the slide. My Friend said that she's like being watched a video in Youtube. Hehe..

In the class, there are a camera, speaker, and high quality microphone. So, the situation of the class in Ganesha can directly show in Jatinangor class, vice versa. We also can communicate and ask some question with the lecturer. I think i was very wonderful.

The rapid development of Information Technology is really makes flat world. The distance is not a problem to make a communication. I think, in future, Teleconference course will be more wonderful. Maybe, we can use hologram technology so that we can take a course face to face in teleconference.

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