Hiking to Jangsan Mountain, Busan

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Several days ago, some of my Indonesian friends and I went to Jangsan Mountains. FYI, Jangsan's (San is a word for 'mountain' in korean) tall is about 634 m. For the real mountain hiker , it's a very short. But for me, it is very tall enough because I never hike a mountain before. lol.

The speciality of Busan is this city have beaches and mountain at the same location. So, I can easily travel to either beach or mountain. We reached to Jangsan using Subway (to Jangsan station in Line 2 U-Metro Subway). Unfortunately, we were wrong when we went out to exit door. Actually, we should go out to exit no.10. But we went to exit no.8 . So we were confused and got lost until we asked to Ahjuma around the street.

One thing that makes me shock is the mountain is very near with taller building. You will not believe that there is a mountain behind the tall building. After we walked a few minutes, suddenly the situation was changed, from metropolitan city to natural view. Haha.. Fabulous. The city development is still considered the natural environment.

Before we  reached the hiking track, we had accrossed the beautiful artificial lake. Nothing special. But the lake is very clean. I could see the reflection of building and other things.

At the initial track, i could easily walk faster because the track is very good. Nevertheless, at the middle of journey, the track was more difficult to hike because the track was very steep. Because of that, i just hike slowly. Hehe

Before we arrived to the top of mountain, we can take a rest in a rest area. There, we can see the beutifull scenery of busan. Here are the picture that i took:

It took about 3 hours to reach the top of mountain. We arrived at the top of mountain at 7PM. So, we can see the beautiful night city view.

Here are the picture:

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  1. Amazing. Actually, Pemalang in some point have a likeness with Busan. It also have a beach and a mountain in the same place, *cough Bandung don't have. But, of course there are no city in Pemalang, LOL