Twenty third


Twenty third. Time flies so fast and I am not a teenagers anymore.

I got a lot of experiences on the past year. So many things that I didn't imagine before were happened. You know? There is the “first time” moment in the everything we are faced. In the past year, I got so many “first time” moment. Actually, I will not write down about those moment because I'm too lazy to do that. haha

In this twenty third years, I am also getting the first time moment. I got opportunity to work in a unique company, an IT-social-financial-enterprise. I have a complex responsibility to develop and maintain an IT product of the company. Yes, it is very challenging. Why? Because I think,  I have a less knowledge about IT product management. Furthermore, I also don’t have enough experience about that area. Well, because of that, sometimes I feel so scare. I also feel not confidence to be the role that I got on that company.

I think I don't have another option except try for the best. Just do the best!

I hope in this remain time in my life, I can be a better person, be a more confidence person. I should have “ambis” spirit to reach everything (in a good way).

##sorry for this random post. 
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